Corporate and Business Law

Should I incorporate my business?

 In a word, yes. Why? Until you do, your personal assets are at stake should someone sue you. If a judgment is obtained against your business and you are not incorporated, your personal assets will be at risk for attachment. The incorporation of your business allows a hedge of protection around your personal assets. If your business is sued and you are incorporated, the only assets that the creditor could go after are the corporation’s assets and not your personal assets.  

At what point should my business use a lawyer?

 In twenty years of practice, I will tell you the sooner you hire professionals to assist you with your business, the better off that you will be. This includes an attorney and either a CPA or qualified bookkeeper. If you are serious about growing your business, you need both. Business owners, by their very nature, are can-do people. However, a little bit of information off the Internet is not the same as retaining an attorney. The Internet will not tell you the whole story and how it works locally in your situation. Plus, your business needs you to perform in and on it. You do not have the time, energy or knowledge to handle both your business and your legal needs. It almost always costs more to re-do or un-do a legal matter than to have an attorney complete it right the first time for you. 

What are the typical issues that a business faces?

It depends on where you are with your business. Business owners can face all kinds of issues from hiring their first employee to their first law suit. Both will happen eventually and we can assist you with both.

Can you help with my collection problems?

 Yes, we can. We assist our clients with collecting on money that is owed to them. We typically “charge” 50% of what we collect. Call us for more information.