At Priebe Law Firm, LLC we have been providing our clients with litigation representation for over twenty years. We are experienced and able to provide our clients with litigation representation in the following areas:

Probate Litigation

While it is hard enough going through the grieving process by itself, there are times when the probate process causes parties to fight over the estate. We can and do represent parties in both defending and prosecuting probate related issues. We strive to educate our clients with the knowledge that they need to make fully informed decisions as they relate to the case. We are with you every step of the process and will represent you fully so that your issue can be resolved fairly either through settlement or decision by a Judge.

Real Estate Litigation

While purchasing a home will, for many, be the biggest purchase of their lives, sometimes that process can lead to legal issues. Whether it be issues related to construction defects, undisclosed problems or an issue with the brokers, we can represent you so that your legal issues will be resolved.   

Business Litigation

Being the business owner is tough, I know as I have done it with my own business for over twenty years. We represent business owners in everything from the initial start up and incorporating to the process of dissolving the business. We can assist you should those issues turn themselves either into a lawsuit that you bring or should you and your business be named as a defendant in a lawsuit.